App (Apply): Torrock: 85 Warrior
App (Apply): Torrock: 85 Warrior
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Name: Torrock
Class: Warrior
Race: Orc
Level: 85

Is this app to get promoted to raider rank?
Left Blank


What is your interest in joining Eternity?
Raiding, playing.

Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
I'm a CIS major at NCWC in NC. I work in construction. I'm a gamer. As for something funny, I started playing wow last june. I hit 80 around oct, and learned how to raid the next day. I went through ICC with a small guild, and completed 10/12 heroic before the guild fell apart with Cata.

What prior raiding experience do you have?
I've been raiding with Sinister for a couple months. I've tanked, healed, and dps. I do all of them quite well.

Armory Link: (required)

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
Pretty much 7 days a week, 5 server to 10 server. mondays and thursdays I have class but I get about around 6 server.

Do you know anyone in Eternity? If so, who?
Don't think so

Prior 2 guilds and reasons for leaving.
Sinister - looking for another raid guild
Absolution - it fell apart

Raid spots are not guaranteed even if you sign up. Are you ok with this?

Pick a fight and describe your role during it? Impress us by picking a H Cata fight.
I would love to impress you and say I've had the chance to do heroic cata fights, but Sinister never did any. I was always around helping them with what they were doing. As for my role in a fight. When I tank, my role is pick up the boss and/or whatever mob there is to fight. I'll chose Nef: with my warrior I utilize his abilities in that fight. I jump down, heroic throwing as I get within range. Apply my shield block, and then sheild slam. Heroic Leap to the outer edge, then turn ony and tank. If I am tanking Nef during that fight, I attack ony until Nef is landing. I switch to him, shield slam him, apply rend, and attack him until he's landed. Then heroic leap into position on the outside, forcing him to follow quickly, to reduce the amount of time the dragons are close together. Basically, I strategize my character's abilites to make fights easier.

Tell us about your stat priorities?

Most wanted upgrade?
New raiding guild?

Do you have any logs? Such as links to World of Logs (performance recorder).

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
Fury, and I can do around 18k dps in FL raids.

What is your item level?
363 tank

Have you read and understood the rules?

Had a chance to speak with him today in-game. Nice guy and understands the level of retardation it takes to make it in Eternity (lol). Spec and app seems to be good too. Word is he also likes turtles.... so I say yes!

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