App (Apply): honeydips: 90 Priest
App (Apply): honeydips: 90 Priest
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Name: honeydips
Class: Priest
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 90

Is this app to get promoted to raider rank?


What is your interest in joining Eternity?
I'm looking for a guild that can get heroics done and also a guild that needs a healer preferably disc

Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
a fairly socialble person once you get to know me, i drink but i dont mix WoW and booze, maybe a little. i take WoW seriously. my life is not funny full of misery like you wouldnt believe its been a rough quarter of a century, i once sat next to a man who got repeatedly punched in the face by a woman's ass. ...nearly broke his poor neck...

What prior raiding experience do you have?
i have 6chars a hunter,druid,dk,shaman,priest,andwarrior 85+ i raide ubrs in vanilla (hunter) kara and za in BC (druid), once i got to wrath(druid) is when things picked up i finished all the raids other then ulduar(i got up to general before ToC released)in icc i ran most bosses 10and25man heroic plus a few achieves, then in cata i ran with tainted and we cleared all normal mod before firelands ever since icc i have been competetive on charts and performance, my druid was easily topping fights and even my discpriest would outheal credable paladins. but i did not run firelands and for HoTwilight i was able to attend a FinalBoss Pug that downed normal mod and a few weeks ago I healed MV normal mod for the first time with Strong Like Bear and 1 shotted but 1 boss

Armory Link: (required)

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
im off work at the latest by 6:30 im usually home by 6:45
so 7-10 raid time is ideal.if times ever change my schedule at work is very flexable. I prefer raiding sunday,monday,tues,wednesday, but the other days are doable.

Do you know anyone in Eternity? If so, who?
i dont think so

Prior 2 guilds and reasons for leaving.
Well I plan to always keep a toon or two in Tainted, theyre cool guys, but they don't all play WoW anymore stopped raiding, ect., I never really raided with Final Boss, 3times i think and I'm never really too sure whats going on there. before those guilds i was in one called Unit they doned heroic ICC fights but disbanded a few weeks into cata, during wrath i played Ally with NethergardWatch and they were awesome but my brother plays horde and I also wanted to play horde and made a poor decision

Raid spots are not guaranteed even if you sign up. Are you ok with this?

Pick a fight and describe your role during it? Impress us by picking a H Cata fight.
well i did do a good job healing nefarian, always keeping shields on tanks and the nice thing about my heals is its very easy to heal while low dmg is going out in p1, the main thing is knowing when big dmg is going to come out and how long you have before that happens, a healer would stand between the two tanks and the dragons, since ony gets turned you shld be closer to nef, i saw for heroic theres a kiter, i prefer to keep them on focus and treated like a tank. know your platform and where it is. and top off the group before p2 is over...some ass is going to get a debuff and run into the lava, 10yards, healing them isnt fun but is doable if you know who it is and act quickly. during p3 if i get dominion then this is good hit 2 let the raid take some dmg the buff i get will be worth it, before the portal eats me a hit 1 and am free during electrocute i may want to do this early, all the while i must heal the OT. if i know what dmg will happen before it happens now with the new spell spirit shell i can prevent a lot of chaotic moments. its a dragon so watch the front and back.

Tell us about your stat priorities?
from what i heard mastery has a 33.3% soft cap after tht I should aim for crit and then haste, my understanding has always been to keep a balance between stats atm my mastery is 3006 crit is 2924 and haste is 2033 some crit may need to go into haste, but i think it looks good, maybe more like 3006 2724 and 2233 has a good weight

Most wanted upgrade?

Do you have any logs? Such as links to World of Logs (performance recorder).
dont think so, all i use is dmg recount

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
well shadow and holy, holy may be more viable but i have always played disc because its more fun, in cata when i started as disc i was told it was the worst but i topped every chart because fun is a 10% buff! dont forget i have 6 alts with 3 classes of their own to pick from

What is your item level?

Have you read and understood the rules?

pst for an invite. a lot of members can invite so it shouldnt be a problem.


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