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Important Information for Applicants
If you are reading this, this is no longer the correct place to apply to eternity. Please follow this link to the modern application:

Eternity has been around since BC, and many of the members have been in the guild since the start.

We enjoy some good banter on Discord, but are also able to maintain a serious atmosphere when need be.

We pride ourselves on the community we foster. We believe Eternity has a community that you won't find in other guilds.

Raid times Main group raids Tues and Wed. There is also an alt raid/fun run on Sat. current raid times are: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM server time (Pacific Time)

Currently looking for players looking to progress in mythic content in Battle for Azeroth.

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How long on average would you say that you spend trying to improve your game-play using tools like simcraft (or similar)?
List tiers where you've participated in Mythic raiding, and any guilds you were in when you did so.
How much time outside of raid do you spend researching boss strategies and mechanics?
We raid from 7-10 server-time(PST) Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are you able to meet these raid times every raid?
Would you be willing to switch specs for progression if asked? Class?
Do you have any raid ready alts, or alts you are planning on keeping raid ready?
We use Discord for voice, and it is required for raiding. Is this going to be an issue for you?
With regards to the previous question do you have headphones and a microphone?
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142 Unique Guild Members
1565 Characters (alts included)
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142 Unique Guild Members
1565 Characters (alts included)
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0 Posts in 7 days
azrealls is the last poster