App (Apply): Blackxeclips: 80 Death Knight
App (Apply): Blackxeclips: 80 Death Knight
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Name: Blackxeclips
Class: Death Knight
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80


Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
Well my name is David, I'm a Network Administrator working in Mobile, Al. Ive been playing WoW since July of '07. One of the main reasons I joined WoW was because of WLK and Arthas has always been lets say a figure of power in my life lol.

What is your interest in joining Eternity?
Looking for a guild that is raiding in WLK content that plans on finishing it. I want to be one of the best on my server and I think Eternity can get me there!

What prior raiding experience do you have?
I have raiding exp. in all WLK content except for LK in ICC. I cleared all of BC on my Paladin who is also 80 and is getting close to ICC geared!

Armory Link: (required)

Raid Availablity: list days and times
I'm available anytime after 7:30 pm schedule is flexible so i can be on earlier than that even

Do you know anyone in Eternity? If so, who?
Lelora...he originally recruited me for the guild im in now

Prior 2 guilds and reasons for leaving.
Deus Empyrean.....GM disband the guild and left the server

Horde Recon......Raiding isnt progressing like it should

Raid spots are not guaranteed even if you sign up. Are you ok with this?
yes i am fine with it

Pick a fight and describe your role during it? Impress us by picking the Lich King fight.
Lich King fight first phase would be to make sure Plagues gets spread to adds...Phase 2 slowing down the Valkry phase3 keeping Menethil alive while watching all the other raid mechanics throughout the fight

What is your Gearscore? Also, tell us about your stat priorities.
Dk 5700GS atm....stat priorities are Str. first then whatever armor pen rating i can get off of gear but i do not gem for it

Most wanted upgrade?
A new 2H weapon....I would like to switch to unholy eventually

Do you have any logs?
Not really sure of the question but I dont think so

Have you read and understood the rules?
Yes I have

what is defile?

you said in your app that you do not have experience with the LK yet, maybe try explaining your role in another fight as well.
i may have scared him away sorry

Sorry guys I've been busy at work for a bit...had a Server go down at one of my stores I support. U'm fight wise I could explain sindragosa. Depends on the raid but during the fight phase 1 is just simply dps sindra down to 35% ground phase watching my stacks of the melee debuff not getting them any higher than 4-5. Air phase if im an Iceblock is to set up bottom of the stairs 15 yards away from the other Iceblock person ( my guild set iceblocks at bottom of the stairs spread out about 15 yards) if not an Iceblock to avoid the LoS aoe bombs until shes lands while slowly dpsing the people inside the iceblocks. Second phase is to watch my stacks of her debuff while watching for Iceblocks and the melee debuff. Not letting my stacks get above 5 and being careful not to break the Iceblocks too soon. My guild used a pattern of left to right to set Iceblocks into place.

Endario- Not really sure about the comment. Defile? Can you specify and also i had a question pertaining to the app. It asked if i had any Logs
I can fill out an Application online but you really dont get to know someone till you raid with them a bit and actually talk with them. I'm an experienced raider. I think last time i submitted an application to you guys My account got hacked even though I had an Authenticator =(
you haven't watched the LK fight on youtube yet?

I've watched it on tankspot twice but watching it isn't the same as actually doing it
So what is the defile mechanic?

I'm guessing the defile you are referring to is from the lich king now seeing that last do you guys handle defile in ur 25 man raid?
I just havent seen the mechanic it targets a random person and puts its underneath and expands and does more damage the longer ur in it...seems like in 25 man melee would be in trouble
so what should the raid do before he casts defile?

Lol I would hope they would all spread out.
contact an officer in game


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