App (Apply): Kittystorm: 85 Druid
App (Apply): Kittystorm: 85 Druid
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Name: Kittystorm
Class: Druid
Race: Troll
Level: 85

Is this app to get promoted to raider rank?
No,for recruitment


What is your interest in joining Eternity?
To progress threw new content

Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
I'm 19 and in college and never knew what DTF stood for(even tho I acted like I did forever) till last week may not be the place to say that but i thought it was funny...

What prior raiding experience do you have?
MC-full clear
Bwl-3 down
bc- up to 2nd boss in sunwell
wrath- up to lk on normal and heroic

Armory Link: (required)

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
I'm open every day but friday and saturday

Do you know anyone in Eternity? If so, who?

Prior 2 guilds and reasons for leaving.
akatsuki-Uldum. left for freshmen year of college football.
Extravagants-dark iron. left due to noone showing up for raids.

Raid spots are not guaranteed even if you sign up. Are you ok with this?

Pick a fight and describe your role during it? Impress us by picking a H Cata fight.
I describe the fights to my current guild so i know everything up to Domo. I will describe Gatekeeper. As a dps i will be taking torrment shards. I will find the shard before it pops open jump into it get to about 5-6stacks and rotate cds between barkskin,survival instincts, and if i get low enraged regeneration. at 12 -13 stacks i run threw my companion transfering the beam to them. As a healer depending when its my turn to heal torrment people I pop tree and gain as many stacks of the buff as i can then rotate to the tank while poping so mana cds to be able to push the whole fight.
as a tank depending on if u 1 tank or 2 I either taunt blades or just tank and spank the whole thing.

Tell us about your stat priorities?
As a dps with 2 t12 i'm trying out haste atm so weapon dmg>agility>haste>exp soft cap>crit>mastery This is what i'm trying right now its still in testing.
as a tank i'd gem to the point of not being 1shoted then follow with agility gems like kitty but reforge to dodge.

Most wanted upgrade?
kitty staff off domo. It looks sick "Flamekeeper Kittystorm" then you see a flaming cat running at you!

Do you have any logs? Such as links to World of Logs (performance recorder).
Unfortantly I use to do logs before new patch came out and about the same time i got a new computer and forgot to set it back up so they have deleted all of my past logs.

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
My offspec is resto right now its viable 360+ ilvl most i've pulled is 18khps on beth kill.
I have no problem going tank pretty much same gear as kitty jsut reforged and a few gems diffrent. I've tanked before i tanked some in bc and all of wrath to the start of cata on my pally.

What is your item level?

Have you read and understood the rules?

at the moment all our raid spots and 2 back up spots are currently taken. We are accepting people for that don't mind being a standby, or want to join to be able to have a group for heriocs and bgs


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