App (Apply): Zemi: 90 Shaman
App (Apply): Zemi: 90 Shaman
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Name: Zemi
Class: Shaman
Race: Troll
Level: 90

Is this app to get promoted to raider rank?


What is your interest in joining Eternity?
Get into end game content.

Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
I work alot during the day and WoW perfect for me to let some steam off and relax when I get home.

What prior raiding experience do you have?
I've raiding on EQ for 11 year so I learn fight mechanic pretty fast.

Armory Link: (required)

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
Can raid any day at 7 PM server time.

Do you know anyone in Eternity? If so, who?
Grouped once with Rorik during Flex group.

Prior 2 guilds and reasons for leaving.
Slaves of life, joined to get more game experience and help with item and quest until I could get to end game content.

Raid spots are not guaranteed even if you sign up. Are you ok with this?

Discuss how you can use your class to go beyond your normal role and help the raid to succeed.
Going beyond any normal role depend only of the player skill to assess a situation and play his best hand at the time without over doing it to keep his Ascend or Tide totem for the right time where it save the raid without losing key dps to bad situation.

Tell us about your stat priorities?
I followed Noxxic guide like a bible, then adapted my own need for Spirit over haste and critical. It is working great for me so far, I'm always top 1-2 in looking for raid. Those are cake walk I know but I always work 100% and never take fight lightly.

Most wanted upgrade?
Working on my Heroic Cloak, should have it soon, will give me the time to do flex, know people in the guild and work with everyone.

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
Elemental. It's raid viable but since it's my restoration gear, I do not have enough critical to my liking. Will work on it during flex.

What is your item level?
529 ilvl, working on my chest and my heroic cloak so should reach 540 soon.

Hola! A few questions for ya.

What days are wanting you to raid? Do you plan on raiding into WoD? I ask because were looking for people for our weekend raids now. but we want to combine the raids into a Tue/Wed group in WoD.

Can you go into detail more on your shaman heal style, i.e. what spells your generally casting?

Also, you want as little crit as possible on your Ele spec.

Hi Shiz, I can raid Tue/Wed no problem plus weekend.

As for what spell I cast, I'd say depend on the fight but mostly Healing Rain either with the melee or caster cluster of player. I riptide both tank when its up for my heal buff, I chain heal when I see 2-3 player that are getting damaged else I keep my focus for dmg burst so I can throw my Healing surge. If tank need chunk of hp I unleash elements with Ancestral Swiftness + Greater healing wave.

Also use my Healing Tide totem and/or Ascendance for raid emergency.

Hit up someone in the guild. pretty much anyone can invite. Then get in contact with me, Carty, or Cision to find out more about whats going on in this weeks raid.
Zemi was wanting to hit up a flex tomorrow.

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