App (Apply): Despaír: 90 Death Knight
App (Apply): Despaír: 90 Death Knight
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Name: Despaír
Class: Death Knight
Race: Orc
Level: 90


Real ID

Armory Link: (required)ìr/simple

Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
Well, I am a guy who has been playing WoW for a long, long time. I have been playing Private Servers for a while due to payment issues. But then I actually got off my butt and got a job and bought the game all of its expansions and paid for it. Umm... What do you get if you mix a Worgan and a Gnome? A... MICRO-WORGANISM!

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
Any really day of the week, and most times as well.

What prior bosses have you killed as part of a progression group?
All of the bosses in SoO (14/14N) I have also done 12/12 Normal ToT. I have done some Cataclysm raids in the past. Also such as Dragon Souls and Firelands.

Our expectations of you:
- Know how to play and research your class.
- Do your homework on the raid encounters.
- Come to raid prepared, fully gemmed, enchanted, and stocked with consumables
- Show up to raid, on-time, about 100% of the time.
- Be able to communicate well through Ventrilo.
- Put the goals of the guild above your own.

Are you able to meet these expectations?

Yes, I can meet to these expectations.

Tell us about your stat priorities?
As a Dual Wielding Death Knight, I still go for Strength as all DK's should. But I gem mastery, in most of my items. (Really all of them) I do this because it increases my DPS insanely and allows me to do more damage with my frost moves.

What utility does your class bring and how can you use it to help the raid succeed.
I can use Gorefiend grasp on a boss if there are a lot of ads, during the fight and bring them all together and have everyone including me AOE them down. I can do AOE stuns. I can stun single targets. I can deal the damage necessary. I can help explaining bosses if that is necessary.

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
My offspec is Blood, I wouldn't say it is 100% raid viable, but it can get the job done in the future. I am working as hard as I can with getting the gear for it. And I will. I am usually counted on for Dark Shamans in Normal and and sometimes Heroic.

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