App (Apply): Kurathis: 110 Shaman
App (Apply): Kurathis: 110 Shaman
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Name: Kurathis
Class: Shaman
Race: Orc
Level: 110


Real ID

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Tell us about yourself and say something funny.
Hello, my name is Alex and I'm from Colorado. I am an avid video game player, with roots in League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and of course WoW. I was previously a PvP junkie (managed to peak Gladiator in Season 16), but I'm now looking to get into the Raiding/Mythic+ scene. I am vocal with my cooldowns and pride myself on my coordination with other raid members.

Raid Availablity, list days and times:
Currently working a part-time job at a coffee shop. My schedule is very dynamic, however I plan to schedule raid evenings off should my application be accepted.

What past guilds did you raid with, and which bosses did you help them kill as a part of their progression.
I haven't yet had the experience of raiding this expansion. In the past I casually raided with Intuition-Stormrage, and cruised through all of WoD.

Our expectations of you:
- Know how to play and research your class.
- Do your homework on the raid encounters.
- Come to raid prepared, fully gemmed, enchanted, and stocked with consumables
- Show up to raid, on-time, about 100% of the time.
- Be able to communicate well through Ventrilo.
- Put the goals of the guild above your own.

Are you able to meet these expectations?


Tell us about your stat priorities?
Mastery and Critical strike are my primary stats and generally crush Haste and Versatility. As healing in this game is more of "feelycrafting" than theorycrafting, I personally prefer Mastery over Crit, as it's considered a better stat for progression raiding. Critical strikes managed to pull ahead of Haste this expansion due to an artifact trait (Queen's Ascendant) that reduces the cast time of your next heal by 5/10/15/20%, causing Crit to double dip it's effectiveness.

What is your offspec? Is it raid viable? Will you switch to it to get a raid spot?
Enhancement and Elemental are both my offspec. I am more invested in Elemental currently, but I would not be opposed to swapping that to Enhance if needed. I would swap specs for a raid spot in a heartbeat.

Do you know anyone in eternity? who?
I don't know anyone in Eternity yet.

Contact an officer in game


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