App (Apply): Patbatemans: 110 Warrior
App (Apply): Patbatemans: 110 Warrior
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Name: Patbatemans
Class: Warrior
Race: Orc
Level: 110

What is your age?

Give a brief description of yourself.
I'm an avid Wow player, interested in raid content. I have been playing since closed beta vanilla. I have always main'd a warrior and will continue to.

B-tag and Discord (specify which is which)
Patbatemans (Discord), TvThief#1156



Why are you interested in joining Eternity?
I have several friends in Eternity (Bloodykisses and Energee). I have been a member of Eternity before and I'd enjoy returning. Although I have never raided with Eternity I am interested in seriously pursuing it.

Why are you leaving your current guild, or, why did you already leave it?
My current guild is one of my own. I will keep some of my alt's in it, but it is mostly a guild of my real life friends. No reason other than I am interested in raiding on a more serious level.

Are you applying to other guilds?
No, not currently.

Do you know anyone already in Eternity? If yes, who?
Yes, Energee and Bloodykisses

Provide a link to recent Warcraft logs

How long on average would you say that you spend trying to improve your game-play using tools like simcraft (or similar)?
I play constantly and research constantly. If I don't know a mechanic, I research it. IF I feel my spec is being bottlenecked, I find out why. I can't say I have spent much time on Simcraft, but I look for the answers I need when I need them.

List tiers where you've participated in Mythic raiding, and any guilds you were in when you did so.
I have not raided in recent content over the past few years due to meeting real life goals. I have tanked and DPS'd heroic ICC when I last raided and understood mechanics with little issue.

How much time outside of raid do you spend researching boss strategies and mechanics?
Any time that I am free and not playing. Typically I understand fights prior to entering the raid.

We raid from 7-10 server-time(PST) Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are you able to meet these raid times every raid?

Would you be willing to switch specs for progression if asked? Class?

Do you have any raid ready alts, or alts you are planning on keeping raid ready?
I will be leveling and gearing a rogue, priest, and druid.

We use Discord for voice, and it is required for raiding. Is this going to be an issue for you?

With regards to the previous question do you have headphones and a microphone?

What do you believe the purpose of making applicants fill out this application is?
This application provides a method to filter out those who are not willing to go the distance in order to raid or participate in real, managed guild activities. IF you can't fill out an application you are likely not ready to research, prepare, and equip yourself to successfully progress through content.

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